Sareena SattaponSareena Sattapon

Sareena Sattapon (born in 1992, Thailand)
Sareena is a visual artist and a research student in Global Art Practice, Tokyo University of the Arts.
She got her Master’s degree from the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn university.
Sareena continuously created the artworks through various mediums such as performance art, photography, video art and installation. She get her artistic inspiration from her personal experiences and ordinary life.
Nowaday, Sareena’s interested in social stratification and also impermanence of artworks.
Her works have been presented in many countries such as Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, Korea, China, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Norway and Japan.

  • Sareena Sattapon
  • Sareena Sattapon